- the 86 - as stockish as it can possibly get


There are many articles and tests about the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BZR out there - and this is not going to be one of those.

This is gonna be a Tribe, in which I will tell you how I build my 86 race car.

First of all, a little introduction about myself:

I am Max - I'm a 24-year-old mechanic from Germany - at the moment I'm visiting a school, which in the end will allow me to open up my own business.

Yes that's me and no that's not the flat 4 of the 86 - it's a 350cui V8 from my dads 1972 Pontiac LeMans.

Yes that's me and no that's not the flat 4 of the 86 - it's a 350cui V8 from my dads 1972 Pontiac LeMans.

The idea of the 86

I started making the plan about the 86 when I was in the US with a very good friend of mine. We talked about cars, as usual, and thought about the question, what our next car would be - because I partly sold my old VW van to my younger brother, I had no car waiting for me at home - and besides loving the 57hp diesel Bulli, I wanted something a little more fun. Due to the fact that I'm a mechanic, we thought about a car, which gave a lot of opportunities to customize. We, of course, thought about German cars first - "hey, what about an old M5 E39, or the later model?" - "Uh, that's one hell of a car, but I think I want a coupé." So we searched for german coupés. We had the choice between an Audi A5, BMW 3 Series, Mercs C-Class, VW Scirocco. "Well, rear-wheel drive is the thing I wanna have!", was one of my major points. So, VW was out - sadly because I worked at VW/Audi for three years and absolutely adore their cars - but heck, I want to build a badass race car - so no VW. But what about the other three? Well, they are way to hard to modify and impressively heavy as well - and the cars themselves are very expensive if you want a good engine. So we left the German market. And because I don't want to do drag races and don't have the money for the current Mustang, we skipped the us cars as well, which brings us right to the Japanese cars!

I love the jdm culture since I first watched Fast & Furious. So we thought about their cars and dude, they have a bunch of amazing cars!

Some days later, we drove past a Toyota dealership and I saw the Scion FR-S and told my buddy to stop because I wanted to look at the silver FR-S. So he did. It may have been love at first sight. (I wish I could show you the photo but I managed to lose it, after all, I know, shame on me) After I walked around it a couple of times I thought about driving the car - so I went to the dealership to find a salesman. I found one, he was called Johnny, and I told him that I just fell in love with the FR-S and that I want to drive it, but because I am not American, I wasn't interested in buying one. He told me that it was absolutely no problem at all, grabbed the keys and we took the car for a spin - and well what should I say, the love grew bigger with every meter I drove. After some miles later, we came back to the dealership, I thanked Johnny for the spin and we drove off in our enormous Chevrolet Suburban - it was like climbing into the van after driving the little FR-S.

The following weeks were incredible. We saw so many beautiful places and had amazing chats about god and the world like we Germans say, but that's not the point of this tribe.

Every time we passed a Toyota or Subaru dealership we had to stop so I could admire the car.

Short a while after I came back I bought a used GT86 from a Toyota Dealership a little north of Hamburg - and guys, what should I tell you, the love was even bigger when I got the keys to MY VERY OWN 86.

And that should be the start of a long journey.

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