88% of vehicle purchases strongly influenced by color

The Axalta survey showed the important colors for buyers throughout the world

4d ago

“The psychology of color is a powerful influencing factor in automotive purchasing decisions," Global Color Manager for Axalta Nancy Lockhart said. "Frequently, color reflects the personality of the vehicle owner." And of over 4,000 participants in the US, Germany, China, and Mexico - some of the largest vehicle-producing countries - most would agree. 88% called color a "key choice" for vehicle purchase decisions in an Axalta survey.

In fact, in China it mattered to 99% of respondents. That lowered to 90% in Mexico, 83% in Germany, and only 79% in the US. In almost country, white and black were the preferred colors, which isn't much of a surprise, while red and blue invariably followed. Mexico bucked the trend, with red being the most popular color, and Germans slightly preferred blue over black.

Outside China, the gloss paint that's so popular in the industry right now was preferential by a wide margin. But in China, matte colors were ranked slightly higher. Naturally, solid effects were popular in China, as well as the US. Conversely, Germans and Mexicans would rather have pearlescent or metallic looks.

Ultimately, color is an important trait for a car, although it's worth noting that some bolder colors hold their values better on the used market. Either way, Axalta has the paint experience to know how to make your car look its best.

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Comments (33)

  • For , it is no problemo cuz he likes only one colour😏

      4 days ago
  • If two MX5s were on the lot and only one was a manual… color wouldn’t matter.

      1 day ago
    • if the manual was not a color I liked I'd keep searching other lots, or have them search for the what I want.

        1 day ago
    • For argument sake, there are only two. I’d take the manual no matter what the (factory) color was.

        1 day ago
  • Frankly, I prefer dark blues

      3 days ago
  • I agree, colour does matter for a car. As long as it's gray or black I will not buy it. Silver is a big maybe and the more interesting the colour the more chance I'll buy the car.

      3 days ago
  • i just want taht small sparkle stuff on car paint

      1 day ago