9 cars with extremely big engines

A BMW with 46.9 litres?

2y ago

Think your Dodge Viper with its 8.4-litre engine is a brute? Think again! These cars are beyond your everyday big displacement engines and border on the utterly insane.

I'm pretty sure most of these are taken straight from a bloody plane and I'm not sure their next door neighbours are going to be too happy.

I'm still in a little bit shock at seeing the BMW with a 46.9-litre engine. I'd really like to know the urban mpg.

You can watch the full video below:

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Comments (2)

  • Wow, thank you for sharing. I was aware of the 28 litre Fiat, but none of the others. I read somewhere that as the Fiat was chain drive, it was particularly nasty if one of the chains broke whilst in motion. I would not want to have my arms outside of the cabin if that happened. Am I right in that the chain decapitated one unfortunate driver at some stage?

    I take it that some of the other engines were akin to aviation power plants. And a Bentley W12 in a 3 bank configuration. Extraordinary.

      2 years ago
    • The chain decapitation story was the car Babs, driven by John Parry-Thomas. He drove it on pendine sands on a land speed record run. It used a 27L engine, and was a one off build.

      The BMW Brutus has also been in an old top gear episode, as wel as a...

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        2 years ago