9 Jeremy CLarkson moments guaranteed to make you laugh

He can be a little bit controversial...

4y ago

1. When he text May

2. When he criticised Porsche

3. When he made an innocent mistake to his youngest daughter

4. When he was almost Jesus

5. When May finds him trying to internet

6. When he was way too descriptive

7. When he was full of truth

8. when he was enthusiastic about may's point at the DriveTribe launch

9. A slight criticism for america

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Comments (22)

  • He's the most interesting ape in the world; mind you Top Gear was a show that became a culture because of his antics. The fact that he acted like a human and made mistakes was the most interesting part of it, he made you laugh and the cars was a plus side. Keep it up Clarkson

      4 years ago
  • I sometimes wonder if he's really as useless as he seems. Still, he's an excellent driver and good fun to watch. like Mr. Bean, really, but you learn something as well. Nope, nevermind, no you don't.

      4 years ago
    • 😂 yeh so true

        4 years ago
    • Of course he's not as useless as he makes out! He came up with the idea for the modern revamp of Top Gear that we all knew and loved! Writes down the idea and dialogue for all his subsequent Top Gear episodes as well as The Grand Tour series.


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        4 years ago
  • As an American, I do get a kick out of Clarkson's America bashing I always get a laugh out of it.

      4 years ago
  • This guys in a show that will never be boring

      4 years ago
  • Number 6 just blew me away,like Jezza's curtains.All of them are great fun.

      4 years ago