9 Performance car brands I wish still existed

1y ago


Sometimes… sometimes things weren’t meant to be.

You think things are going to last forever, but just like my pet goldfish Fred, they can float upside down and die. I’ve come to terms with Fred dying, but there are 11 performance car brands that I still get choked up on when I think about them.

They still had so much to give, but the car gods decided to take them away from us before they got a chance to shine. I want to take the time today, not to mourn their loss, but to celebrate their lives as they would have wanted us to. So, let us raise a glass to the 9 car brands I still want in my life… I promised I wouldn't cry…

Feel free to play the youtube video of Michael Bolton's masterpiece, 'How am I supposed to live without you' in the background as you scroll through them:

9) Delorean

Maybe the word 'performance' is a bit strong when it comes to the Delorean, but it tried its best and looks the part. It captured the imagination of the world with the flux capacitor and still has a big following today.

8) Pontiac

Awww yeah. Being British, Pontiac were never really on my radar, except the Firebird a bit and how ugly the Aztek was. That was until I saw a film called 'xXx.' No, not that one your dad had on VHS, but the one starring Vin Diesel. He drove a GTO with all kinds of gadgets and I was hooked. I'd still look like a prat driving it around North Wales though.

7) Fisker

With Leonardo Di Caprio as an early investor things were looking peachy for Fisker. However, similar to his film Titanic, not too far into their journey they sunk and thousands died. (That last bit was a lie, but it added drama).

6) Jensen

Credit RM Sotheby's

Such a beautiful British car. This would be a lovely car for your grandad to retire with, wouldn't it? Oh hang on a second… it has a fucking 7.2-litre engine in it and it will eat your grandad alive? Sign me up.

5) Saab

"But James… Saab isn't a performance car brand." Oh isn't it? Saab took on a cult status in my young petrolhead days. My dad would tell various stories of how the magic of turbo lag would mean that when kicking down a few gears going into a roundabout in the '80s, the revs would increase and the little Saab 900 would accelerate rather than actually stopping. MAGIC.

4) Plymouth

Anyone mad enough to have a wing bigger than my entire car and call it the Superbird is ok in my book. RIP you mad buggers.

3) Iso

Gorgeous machines. The Iso Grifo is undoubtedly stunning, but they also had a 7.5-litre V8 in some models. Beautiful and a bit crazy, like every girl I fancied in uni.

2) Mosler

I still can't remember the video game that I first played with the Mosler MT900 in but it has stayed with me for years (answers in the comments if you think you know). A bit more of your 'rough and ready' style supercar than your refined Bugattis, but that added to the charm. Just have a listen to the engine here:

1) De Tomaso

You should be getting to the the final chorus of Michael Bolton's song now, so emotions are running high. The De Tomaso Pantera might just be the sexiest and most devilish car ever made. Look at those rear tyres. Look at those four exhausts of the apocalypse.

There are rumblings in the motoring world of a De Tomaso return. Yes, that's right, the trademark has been bought… Mysterious. How long until we see a modern Pantera on the road?!

Now that the emotional rollercoaster has come to an end, let me know what former car brands you want to see back in action?

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