9-second pass on stock bottom end R32 GT-R Street Car

Motive DVD's Project Budget Supercar

The guys at Motive DVD have been keeping the internet a buzz with their R32 GT-R "Project Budget Supercar" with their twins vs single turbo video a few years a go and the power levels they have been making on the stock bottom end RB26 in their car. Not a fresh one either, but one as per left Nissan factory and one that has copped 6 years of testing and development with them, let alone any previous owners.

Dont think that its some stripped out drag car either, the guys at Motive DVD made sure the car is still a true GT-R, with the suspension set-up for handling, brake upgrade and full interior. The car gets driven and owner Andrew Hawkins has put many pics on social media taking his daughter to daycare and sharing the cars journeys on the street. You can watch the entire development of the car on Motive DVD's Youtube channel. Don't forget to subscribe.

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