9.000Rpm Classic Rotary Monster built for the German Berg-Cup Series

When Rotary Naturally Aspirated Power and Germany´s demanding Hillclimb Series meet, this is the final result...

This is Jurgen Schuster´s Mazda RX-7 SA22C, and it stands a pretty much the only Rotary Engined Berg-Cup edicated Machine. Powered by a Naturally Aspirated 13B engine capable of 260Hp/9.000Rpm it is entered on the E1-2000 Class against the 2.0L machines.

By now a veteran on the Berg-Cup scene, it is also one of the most spectacular machines present there, thanks to its Looks and extraordinary sound. And on 2018 it continues to impress as you can see on the video, where footage from Hauenstein and Osnabruck Hillclimbs is shown and both the Speed and Cool Factor of this Monster are both undeniably very high...

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