9.000Rpm Screaming V6 Legend - Ford Capri GAA Cosworth on the Limit

Classic clip of Massimo Guerra on Full Attack mode with the beautiful 70´s Touring Car

On today´s clip we go back to 2014 to remember Italian Classic expert Massimo Guerra at the wheel of the incredibly impressive Ford Capri V6 Cosworth, on full attack mode at cividale-Castelmonte. It is one of our favourite bits of Hillclimb Racing ever, mixing an iconic machine with some very ballsy driving.

Here we see the 70´s Touring car in all its H-pattern Dog-Leg Gearbox, Rear Wheel Drive, 400+Hp/9.000Rpm V6 powered glory being driven to the limit in damp conditions on the Northern Italian hills like it was always intended to, with the added bonus of having the opportunity now to watch it right from the inside.

Special Thanks to Car Speedy TV for the outside footage. Subscribe to their Channel right here:

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