900kg RWD Talbot Sunbeam powered by a 550hp Cosworth Turbo engine

Things get very interesting when massive turbocharged power meets a lightweight, small wheelbase, rear-wheel drive hatchback

This is the Norris Motorsport-tuned Talbot Sunbeam at Retro Rides Gathering. Powered by a Cosworth YB Turbo Engine here with around 550hp, this RWD hatchback, weighing a little over 900kg, is just an absolute pocket rocket.

The engine used is a Cosworth YB featuring a Farndon Steel crank and rods, large port big valve head fitted with full race solid lifter cams. On full boost it can reach 700hp at a reliable 10,000rpm. Controlling the engine is a AEM Infinity engine management unit.

The transmission is a Quaife 69G six-speed Sequential with large diameter uprated single piece prop shaft and strengthened Atlas rear axle running a ZF plated LSD. Suspension is Pro-Flex with remote reservoirs and full adjustment of compression and rebound. Brakes are custom made with AP four-pot calipers and rotors made to the maximum size (280mm) that will fit under 13-inch wheels.

It's important to say that at its most extreme state of tune (700hp/10,000rpm) this machine can accelerate to 100mph in under 6 seconds. Although not a drag car, it has run a 10.0 second at 147mph Quarter mile on treaded tyres, as well as 180mph on the standing start kilometre.

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  • Nice hillclimb special. Course was too short to really uncork that beast. Would love to see it wound out!

      8 months ago