90's sporty versions in Brazil

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The Cosworth! Only 2 in Brazil and crazy expensive. What was the fastest version for the BR-Made MK5?

  • The RS (as with the Cosworth)
  • The GTi (Volkswagen?)
  • The XR3i (80's revival

The Fiat Tempra was a sensible car in Europe, but in the Brazil, what was the power of the top spec?

  • 165 PS
  • 100 PS
  • 148 PS

Sadly the Coupe came only with the NA 16v engine. But we got a 20v Turbo in another car from the era.

  • Brava
  • Tempra
  • Marea

Audi was brought to Brazil by Senna. The 2.0 16v engine went to which the legends of the Brazilian market?

  • Gol GTi
  • Golf GTi
  • Passat GTi

The Lotus Omega had a 3.0L engine with two turbochargers. What was the engine size for the BR-made top spec?

  • 3.2 GSi
  • 3.0 CD
  • 4.1 CD

The Ford Ka was introduced almost at the same time with Europe. But over here we got what version?

  • The XR
  • The RS
  • The StreetKa

The Uno Turbo was our first turbocharged car, but there was also another hot version of it. Can you guess the name?

  • Abarth
  • Sporting
  • R

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