911 reasons to work harder!

Is the 911 the only Porsche your heart desires?

2y ago

Some of you may not know it but I spent most of 2016 and a small part of 2015 in a wonderful Metallic White Boxster GTS I affectionately referred to as the “White Fang” This vehicle was all things to all people, devastatingly fast, looks to die for, incredibly comfortable and practical. Plus there was that added bonus of being able to drop the roof when the mood struck you and launch it at the drop of a sports chrono button.

One of the White Fang’s greatest attributes however was that preposterous Sports Exhaust. Seriously I really think the Porsche Engineers may have had a few too many Steins of Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier on the night they signed off on the 981.1 Cayman/Boxster GTS exhaust note accidentally swapping it with the one slated for a GT3RS or some kind of future Porsche Hypercar. I reckon the 981.1 Cayman/Boxster GTS cars boast the most ear bleeding sounds to come out of a Porsche since a bloke in a tin shed worked out that he can make his car sound mental with straight pipes. And in any tunnel you can actually wake the dead and anyone sleeping in a 1 mile radius it’s that loud. Actually I've heard the 981.1 GTS soundtrack is being tested as a possible tool to bring punters out of a coma.

Notwithstanding the utter awesomeness of the White Fang I was restless, not that I wasn’t thankful for this open top masterpiece! But as the saying goes follow your heart not your head. Actually this saying pretty much sums up most of us right? I bet almost all of us followed our hearts and bought our Porsche cars before we thought too much about it. In fact how many of us just “visited” the showroom and ended up driving away in their new Porsche?

But if I am being truthful, and I can assure you right now that is the case, my heart (along with a huge number of similar tragics) belonged to an old girl, with a big sexy bum and curvy hips, yep my heart pined for a mightly 911.

Now being “Porscheless” is a horrid thing that some of us must go through in our lives. Like when we are in between cars, waiting for a pre-ordered delivery , if she's layed up with long term repairs or, if you sold your car and can’t find a suitable replacement. Well that’s what happened to me.

After selling the Fang I had to wait for quite some time, indeed the wait for the dream car of dreams cars finally came along earlier this year in the form of a beautiful White 991 GT3 which I have dubbed “The White Warrior”. I name all of my cars, there's a whole other article there actually stay tuned!

So what can I say about the Warrior? Well my goodness its absolutely mental. Driving even at very slow speeds (insert raised eyebrows here, slow speeds + Edward = liar liar pants on fire) is an absolute joy. The new electric steering is just fantastic. That old pitter patter is back and the super speedy PDK cog changes are something that needs to be experienced by every Porsche aficionado.

But wait there’s more! The driving position is fantastic with those super comfy sports active seats, the engine note is gruff & gnarly with & without PSE activated ( a Mezger, what's that?) The power delivery is ridiculous plus there is the looks. I honestly think that the 991.1 GT3 shape is one of the prettiest Porsche 911 shapes going around. Let’s be honest, the rear end view of any 911 with the sweeping lines and hips that just shout it’s intent, it’s a tough raw look that’s timeless and modern. I can actually see the punters hanging out of their car windows as they drive by trying to catch a better look at this thing, I'm not kidding!

You see people actually appreciate a good 911 for what it is. If you see a guy poncing around in a 458 or Gallardo most people immediately think...tosser...pretender... (not me though honest!) But when people see a well sorted 911 they actually have a different reaction, its respect. You see most just know this is a primeval thing that has been built with one purpose in mind, to get out there and drive the nuts off it. And that's what you can do every single day, day after day. On the track or on a back road these things (every 911 yes even a 996) are utterly reliable and totally dependable in almost every situation and road condition. Rain Hail Sleet or Snow you can depend on the ability of your 911 to get the job done.

So this GT3 handles too, if you've ever experienced how a mid-engine Porsche turns in you will know that its sublime. Well I can assure you this thing turns in with a crispness that beggars belief. I actually wonder if this 911 actually has an engine over the rear axle? Seriously, if you arrive at a corner way too fast just don't bother to brake, simply turn in hold on trust the engineering and fire out, it's that simple. This is in part to the rear wheel steering but also to the wider track and that "big brained" German engineering offering you grip grip grip!

What more can I say, I’m a very happy camper and God willing this will be along term car for me, perhaps even a keeper, although those that know me will raise their eyebrows again. Actually I am a bit of a Porsche "rolling stone" when it comes to car turnover. I wish I had the coin I would have kept every Porsche I've ever owned & built a massive shed with storage for 30 cars, a mega screen TV, a fully stocked Bar & a huge Couch (the perfect house then).

But alas I'm too poor both on room and that actual smelly stuff called money. Dammit its time to sell the house and build that shed, my mates can rent a cot and help me sit there and drink beers while I look at all those cars.

Cheers guys thanks for the read, time to stop dreaming, let’s get out there and drive!

Edward Roose

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  • In my opinion they would not have as much value if you were not forced to make those hard choices. Love the stories Edward!

      2 years ago
    • Thanks Ben. And you're correct these cars are an emotional thing.

        2 years ago
  • Love my 2019 Carrera T I did a custom build on 🏁🏎🇩🇪🔥

      2 years ago
    • I'd love a Carrera T but it's hard to go past (let go of) my GT3. Can't afford both unfortunately

        2 years ago
    • Well yeah it wouldn’t make sense to let go of a GT3

        2 years ago
  • A 911 is a 911, top of my list too

      2 years ago
  • As nice as they are I don’t want a 50 grand frog

      2 years ago
  • All Porsche’s look the same and like frogs

      2 years ago
    • So what is wrong with that? Fairy tails say kiss a frog and they turn into a prince.

        2 years ago