9.500Rpm of Naturally Aspirated, Widebodied Mazda RX-7 SA22C Goodness

This is one of the Rotary Monsters owned by Aidan Barret from New Zealand and quite a special machine it is. You can see it in action on Leadfoot Festival 2017 using all its 330Hp produced by a peripherally ported 13B Rotary Engine, in Naturally Aspirated form, tuned by Green Brothers and it moves only 940Kg of Group C heavily inspired Bodywork, from its widened stance to all the Aerodynamic appendages used.

Even with the "big moment" that can be seen near the end of the video, it went on to post a very fast chrono in the 55 second range, showing how capable this Chassis still is. Since then, Mr. Barret has bought an even more special Rotary Beast, hich we have featured some months ago, the GT300 RE-Amemiya RX-7 FD3S.

For those following our Tribe for a longer time, you will notice this is remake of an older video we posted over a year ago, now with added clips and featuring much better image quality.

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