991 GT2 RS spotted with the most expensive Porsche option

      2y ago


      - Chromaflair Explosive gold (image @julian.sion Instagram )

      Chromaflair paints are very exclusive. As paint to sample (PTS) option from Porsche it has been reported that only fifteen examples are produced per year. Porsche uses a process of magnets to align the flakes after each paint coat. The cost of the first known PTS Chromaflair Explosivegold 991 GT2 RS in the image? Well, Chromaflair paints are very special and cost just over €82,000.
      The Chromaflair range includes five colors, the other four being Magicmagenta, Pythongreen, Urbanbamboo, and Shiftingcarbon. This rare example was spotted it at the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen by @julian.sion on Instagram. Great spot!

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      Comments (30)

      • This looks better...

          2 years ago
      • Metallic Jewish Racing Gold ?

          2 years ago
        • What exactly makes it Jewish?

            2 years ago
        • I can't be bothered to explain to be honest. If you know, you know. And please, don't think I'm being racist or xenophobic or saying offensive things about Jewish people. It's a North London stereotype, that is all.

            2 years ago
      • So it is true that money cant buy taste

          2 years ago
        • To each their own. As long as the owner is happy with it, that is all that matters. Let others be happy.

            2 years ago
        • Exactly. The word ‘taste’ doesn’t just apply to your own opinion. Unfortunately this is the world we live in now.

            2 years ago
      • So it's a shiny paint. Whoopdy doo

          2 years ago
      • Good gravy!!

          2 years ago


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