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992 Carrera S: The 911 is still the world's best sports car

This is just Porsche Heaven

2y ago

Over the years, 911 has always shown how a sports car should be made.And now there is a new 911.

Credit: porsche.com/uk

Credit: porsche.com/uk

This is a cause of excitement and nervousness for me because whenever a new 911 comes, it has big boots to fill and the previous 991 generation was brilliant, so this one, the 992 has even bigger shoes to fill. This one has come in those boots like a man comes into his clothes.

The 911 has always been the most distilled essence of what a sports car should be. The 992 is just this. Porsche always nail things.

The 911 is the most distilled essence of a sports car

Everything in the 911 is designed to work. The safety, handling, usability, the engine and every other aspect of the car is just brilliant.

Credit: porsche.com/uk

Credit: porsche.com/uk

A sports car has to be clinical in every single way and the 911 is just that. The 911 provides the perfect blend between thrills and everyday usability.

Inside, it is all good. All very sorted, All very German. "SORTIERT"

The PDK transmission is new, it shifts more quickly and helps in saving fuel which means it will decrease the Per capita Income of the Middle Eastern countries.

The 992 is wider than the 991 but that doesn't affect its usability. The new features of the chassis include higher-geared steering, better brakes, and new standard-fit adaptive dampers with a wider range of operation than the 991.

For 5 decades and a half, Porsche have stuck with this daft idea of putting the engine in the wrong place and yet, this car like every other previous 911 cheats Physics.

You can use it to drop your children to school and then blast it over an empty road while you are on your way to office and it will work.

When the rear wing opens, it feels like the back of the car is gonna fall off. Credit: porsche.com/uk

When the rear wing opens, it feels like the back of the car is gonna fall off. Credit: porsche.com/uk

There are two complaints that I have. First is with the 911 and the second is with Porsche.

1. There is a lack of noise from the engine which makes us remember why the nat-asp predecessor of this car are still so admirable.

2. Porsche have not instantly blessed us with a Manual version of the car. This will be resolved later in the year but they don't give them away easily.

Credit: porsche.com/uk

Credit: porsche.com/uk

I look at the other sports car that cost as much as the 911 and I still don't find a car that would be as good as this. This is a sportscar that is supercar fast. This can make the Lamborghini Huracan look over its shoulder, scared of a German masterclass.


The 911 redefines the ability of a sports year after year after year. And it has been doing that for 55 years now. There's grip, there's speed, the flat-six has much more charm, its everyday usability and range of tech has increased to such a level, that it makes it a rival of cars like the M5. The new 911 is Sports Car Heaven.

Credit: porsche.com/uk

Credit: porsche.com/uk

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