993 The perfect family car

For the vertically challenged of course!

4y ago

I'm not saying you have to be under 5'8" to drive a 911, but if you are, and your entire family are of that diminutive scale, they make great family cars. OK we have a big modern 4 x 4 Mercedes thing for swallowing bikes/dogs/washing machines/car parts etc but we actually use this old beast quite a bit. Its small, easy to park and quiet around town... lied about the last part.

At the moment, we still have the goodwill of the kids, who still think of it as a bit of a hoot. ( I'm sure that in a few years to come, as teenagers they will be horrified and embarrassed by Daddies silly cars )

Above is a kids eye view of life. I actually think that the 993 has more rear legroom than the more modern variants, or maybe its just thinner carpets?

The 993 is our third 911, we started with a 996 Targa, you could put 2 baby seats, a travel cot ( behind the seats in the hatch bit ), a buggy in the front bonnet, and a few carefully selected squishy bags in that, and go away for the weekend

Below is the moment we rolled our 997 onto the deck of a small ferry, slight concern on the kids faces, but the car took it in its stride! a great car, just a shame there was no spare wheel ( hence we had a puncture involving a recovery truck every 6 or so months )

They equip the more modern versions with a beer holder... how much more practical can a family car get??

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  • Have had a 993 Carrera for 14 years now and it was my daily driver for 7 of those. Loads of trips, near and far, with my three boys - football games with muddy gear, 4 up visiting family 500 miles away in Scotland, Le Man with camping gear, daily school runs.....the list goes on. A wonderful car with actually useable rear seats and a load of practicality which always gave me a warm glow and/or adrenaline rush whether cruising to the shops or hooning around (ever so slightly irresponsibly) on A and B roads. The air-cooled engine noise, power delivery, built from granite feel and all the other 993 cliches are all so true! Daily duties now taken over by a 997 Carrera, also a wonderful all rounder, but 993 still No 1 in my book :-)

      4 years ago
  • Totally agreed, as demonstrated years ago while driving from Bruxelles to Bruges in my MX5, top down, under the heavy rain and black clouds, being overtaken by a family of 4 comfortably traveling under the shelter of the roof of their 996, looking at me like "are you nuts??"

      4 years ago
  • Great post. Absolutely agree. The only downside / gripe that I have about my GT3 is the lack of rear seats, which really limits its use as a family car. The GTS is mighty tempting for this reason. Kudos on how you're using and enjoying your cars!

      4 years ago
  • Yep our neighbours, all under 5 ft 5 bought a Volvo XC90 when they had kids. I , 5ft giant 10 of me, got a Brera when We did. We love it

      4 years ago
  • Yeah, because every family man has a spare £35k to hand to splash out on this "family car"....

      4 years ago