9s on a stock bottom end RB26!

Is it the world's quickest GT-R with a stock bottom end RB26? That was always the goal of Project Budget Supercar by the guys at Motive DVD.

The guys from Motive DVD have been developing their R32 GT-R for 6 years now with the intention of step by step testing as they up the power, proving once and for all what parts work and what don't. They only change what needs changing as it needs changing. They ended up taking the car much further than they ever expected on the stock bottom end, making 730 wheel horsepower, which some would argue is almost 900 engine horsepower. Even better, is the car is still running. A lifted head and cracked block is all that is now holding them up. that and the fact they got booted from the track for being too quick and too fast.

The 1993 model R32 Skyline GT-R is still registered and regularly street driven, including the school run. The suspension is set up for handling and the car had larger front brakes, making the car an all rounder and a true GODZILLA. The drag racing bugged meant a switch to drag radials, but the guys from Motive DVD didn't want to deviate from the cars street manners and build a dedicated "street/drag" car. If they did, there is no doubt the car wold go even quicker again, as there is plenty of time left in the 60'.

The RB26 is a "long nose crank" version that was taken from a crashed car with unknown kilometers back at the start of 2011. The engine didn't compression check great and a quick look at the bearings showed it was all stock and far from perfect. Somehow, it has held together after hundreds of passes, 6 years of continued development and now, 35psi and 900 engine horsepower. A Nitto head gasket and ARP head studs were installed back in 2014, which were fine for the 600whp they guys thought they would leave it at, but it wasn't enough for the 35 pounds of boost that ended up in it and the head has now lifted. The funny thing is, this has happened before the guys had done any other damage to the bottom end, dis-proving a lot of "common faults" with the RB26. The only failure they've had is a crack in the block, which was fixed with some JB weld. Thats right, this car does 0-200km/h in under 8 seconds and runs 9s with head gasket repair in the cooling system and JB weld on the block. As many people have commented, it simply wont die. A true testament to the choice of parts, driving and tuning by the guys at Croydon Racing Developments.

The guys from Motive DVD gave us the specs for the car the way it sits now.

Andrew from Motive DVD said that money saved by having such a basic engine combo, is better spent on having an awesome transmission. A 6-speed sequential from PPG is the thing dreams are made of!

So where to next for the Motive DVD R32 GT-R? We're told its time to move into

"Project Budget Hypercar". The idea of this 25 year old car will be built to keep up with Hypercars around the track and in a straight line, all while still doing the school run some days during the week.

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