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9th attempt at processing 22 minutes of 4K footage for Foodtribe. On a fresh set of ice blocks, and a new output format. Fingers crossed! You’ve got this Premiere Pro! Don’t let me down! Again...

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  • Did it work?

      21 days ago
  • What is the new output format?

    To get the greatest energy transfer between hot and cold, you need the ice to be melting.

    Ice has a SHC of 2.09 J/g.K, water is better at 4.18 J/g.K, but as ice turns to water at 0°C, it needs 334 J/g.

    I am sure there are people that are nearer that can explain it better, if only I could remember that Scots name.

      10 days ago
    • Output it as a QuickTime file and then convert again to a H.264

        10 days ago
    • Not worked with QuickTime files for ages. I find my cheap Linux box processes reasonably quick.

        10 days ago