F1: Renault RS17 Launch

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    F1: Renault RS17 Launch

    RS17 top front view
    The turning vane package for the RS17 starts with the front wing mounts
    Longer wheelbase and a lot of rake added to the set up
    A new longer and shallower nose, ends with a thump tip to meet the crash test rules. The wing mountings have been elongated to serve as aero as well as structural function
    Humped front chassis section houses the inboard parts for the front supension.
    Outer front suspension is quite conventional, wider front tyres for this year
    The pod vanes (30 - Computacenter) reach forwards to a new section of floor, the base of the vane is split into three smaller vanes
    First detail of that roll hoop and shark fin
    Neat nose treatment
    large black bargeboards start the air turning around the car.
    From above the outwards sweep of the bargeboards is apparent.
    Up Periscope, the roll hoop is merged into four inlets, one for the engine airbox and the others for cooling. The high and wide inlet, leaves the lower portion of roll structure clean, for better flow to the lowered rear wing
    Low and wide
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    • I think it shows a few quid extra in the budget over last year's compromise. we know the folks at Enstone are very clever but under lotus ( and the first Renault car) they literally had no cash. also so far I think it's the best livery.

      2 months ago
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