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  • I took this test. I got a 49%. And that was only because I love science and physics. I am a middle aged woman with ZERO mechanical experience. I've only touched the contents under my hood to check/add oil and washer fluid. I think I changed my own oil once.

    The majority of people who took this test scored higher than I did. (which is fine) I'm just curious how many of them are women and how many are men? How many work as mechanics or have it as a hobby? Either way, you all should be proud of yourselves.

    8 months ago
  • 100% 😎

    11 months ago
  • 73%, answers aren't wrong. You juss have to pick the most correct one. Eliminate the wrong ones and you have 2 to choose from, well, most of the time

    1 year ago
  • I thought most cars are set at 8+degrees btdc so wouldn't that be advancing if u where going closer to tdc

    1 year ago
  • Only got last one wrong lol I thought as I did when first learning. But should have answered from my current brain a well 93% not a fail

    1 year ago


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