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  • Hello Leo! I still have this car (+ another e34 touring + yesterday my girlfriend bought a T3 syncro, I don´t have space anymore for cars lol) and I daily use it. I bought it seven years ago as my first car. There is infact almost zero modifications, because that is the idea- having fun in most normal everyday car, without expensive 4x4 gadgets. You don´t need much to have fun. But it is technicaly maintained- before trip to sahara in 2013 I gave it a new cooler, which happened to be bigger, seems like BMW updated it and a water pump, some hoses, etc.

    We sometimes sleep in the car, but usally I have so much junk (bike/wakeboard/surf/luggage) that you have to camp in a tent by the car. It has a double sunroof, so it is possible to sleep inside without if you leave it on vent. + the tailgate windows pops up, amazing feature to stick your legs out in the morning while watching the sea. But has no webasto or any other auxilary heating, so sleeping around 7 degrees celsius is already a pain. But we did it with my friend for three days and on front seats, across europe in February.

    I drive it around where I ago, so for example few months ago we went to croatian islands, infact car was around Europe from Serbia to Portugal. I lived in a portugal for a year and I was driving there with this car. Then later we went to Morocco and Western Sahara along the coast and back over Atlas, to europe and back home. I wanted to go to UK and over Normandie and France, to Poland, but it was already cold.

    Plans were to go to Iran with it and UK later, but it is always a problem with time, you need alot of it and also money. Which I spend for all my hobbies, cars and there is never enough of it, especially if you are a student.

    Do you have something more specific you are interested about? because I could write whole night about background :D

      4 years ago
  • Sounds like you've had some amazing adventures in this car.

    I'd love to hear more background info; journeys you've done, any modifications you've had to make to the car, do you camp, sleep in the car etc?

      4 years ago