8 ridiculously modified cars we actually think are quite cool

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Comments (59)

The world of car modification ranges from the sublime (performance-enhancing mods like those seen on race cars) to the ridiculous (too much camber, pointless spoilers, LED floor lighting, the list goes on). Generally, the latter come under fire from petrolheads but I think we're all too quick to judge and actually, these cars can be quite cool.

Galactic BMW e36

Credit: Jess Shanahan

This slammed E36 was spotted at Autosport International this year. Airlift Performance suspension and those big wheels aside, the galactic livery makes it stand out above any other BMW on show that day.

Clean Fiat Punto mk2 188 sporting

Credit: Francesco Carrieri

The clean lines of this Punto just ooze cool. It's full of tasty modifications such as a handmade exhaust, drilled Brembo discs, BBS wheels and a carbon fibre/stainless steel intake, but if you think that's cool, take a look inside.

Credit: Francesco Carrieri

The double-stitched leather extends right through to the boot where you'll find a Hertz subwoofer.

2000bhp Toyota Land Cruiser

Credit: Toyota

Part of me wonders why you'd ever need to do this to a Toyota Land Cruiser, but this baby pumps out 2000bhp thanks to the two turbochargers attached to the 5.7-litre engine. Once you can get past the why, that's actually pretty cool.

Flamboyant Eunos Roadster

Credit: Tom Atkin

This modified 1992 Eunos Roaster was bought completely stock but now comes with its own light show and a zebra-print bonnet. It's silly and over the top but I can't help but feel a little appreciation for its flamboyance.

Credit: Tom Atkin

If you're not already sold, you should hear how it sounds, a throaty burble that builds to a roar. As well as the obvious aesthetic changes, others include a custom Decat section on the exhaust, Japspeed manifold, coil over suspension and launch control.

1965 turbocharged ford mustang

Credit: Timeless Kustoms

If there's any modified car I am truly weak to, it's a tricked-out classic muscle car. This 1965 Mustang is powered by a 5.1-litre V8, a pair of Precision turbochargers and a Magnuson TVS supercharger. When the whole thing is turned up to the max, this car will pump out 1000bhp. On top of that, it's got modified bodywork, a custom chassis, a Centreforce DYAD clutch and a sequential six-speed transmission.

Mk1 mx5 drift championship car

Credit: Matt Campling

Matt Campling's British Pro Drift car is a mk1 Mazda MX5. Not only has it been modified to look like a newer model, there's a lot of fun stuff hiding under those mk4 and 5 panels. How about the Toyota 2JZ engine, Nissan Skyline rear subframe and 300ZX brakes? This is how you modify a car, it's silly but in the way that puts a smile on your face when you put your foot down.

Kei Miura's Pandem Datsun 240z

Credit: Aaron Mai

This is another beautiful project from Kei Miura. The Pandem Datsun 240Z isn't big on power but instead was designed to be a stylish road legal cruiser. Other than its good looks, the only other real modification is a stifle pipe that gives the car a gorgeous raspy exhaust note.

A tasteful Supra 2jz-GE conversion

Credit: Little Miss Piston

The excitement surrounding Supras grew after the Fast & Furious films and plenty got butchered by inexperienced modders. This mk4 model started life with a naturally aspirated 3.0-litre 2JZ-GE engine, which was capable of 220bhp. Some tasteful design modifications went alongside a NA-T conversion, bringing the power up to 374bhp.

There are some real artists out there, creating cars we could only dream of. What do you think of modified cars?

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Comments (59)
  • Who wrote this Stevie wonder?

    11 days ago
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  • Great read, nice

    1 month ago
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  • I read the title and was expecting to see things like the Ring Brothers AMC Javelin or an Aston Martin Works V600 or a VW Baja bug. A Punto with a body kit and bizarre camber and a MX-5 with leopard print and neon? Not so much.

    2 months ago
  • Heavily modified car could be overland expedition hzj78 .. i expected that

    3 months ago
  • The Datsun, maybe , the rest are totally ridiculous. Punto is tasteful? This article must be a joke

    3 months ago
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