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Comments (17)

  • I envy its owner for living in a place without speed humps.

      12 days ago
  • Looks like he made nice upgrades- I like it!🙌

      10 days ago
  • For once I actually think my Impreza looks better lol

      12 days ago
  • thats clean

      12 days ago
  • The design of the wheels doesn't match the design of the car. One is very cold and mathematical, the other is roundy and bendy.

      12 days ago
    • i guess thats your perspective. i think its great

        12 days ago
    • Wheels are from german tuning scene 20 years ago. Defo not inline with 2010's Audi design.

      They would look good on a mk1 A3.

        11 days ago