A One-off Porsche 911R paying tribute to Steve McQueen

    11 months ago


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    A One-off Porsche 911R paying tribute to Steve McQueen

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    Jack Yan posted in
    The Global Motorshow

    All Porsche 991s—that’s the latest generation of 911s—look good but if this pays tribute to Steve McQueen, then even better. This 911R (of which 991 were made) is a one-off, not a limited edition. It’s light, the six makes 372 kW, it has a proper six-speed manual gearbox, and there’s a McQueen quote from his car racing movie, Le Mans, in the door sills (although they have added an extra space into his surname). The quotation reads, ‘Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.’

    Images from R. M. Sotheby’s—link in text

    There’s no actual McQueen family endorsement: its first owner, from what we gather, happens to be a fan. It’s no. 967 out of 991, a number intentionally chosen by the first owner to commemorate the début of the original 911R, in 1967. The real plus side is that 25 per cent of its hammer price above reserve, with a minimum of €25,000, will be given to child cancer charity Institut Gustave Roussy. More at the Sotheby’s website at www.rmsothebys.com/pa17/paris/lots/2016-porsche-911-r/1701804.


    This version of this article first appeared in Lucire Men, luciremen.com/20170119/unique-porsche-911r-at-sothebys-auction-pays-tribute-to-steve-mcqueen/

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    Comments (1)
    • The 911R is one hell of car! Especially this one.

      9 months ago
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