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    • They failed big time in this.

      9 hours ago
    • The excuse that this person had to park poorly because someone elts did needs to stop. Had tjis been the first grade it would sound like. "But teacher the only reason i did poorly on my test was because billys answeres were wrong. Can i please get a passing grade anyways?" Now do you feel childish? park on the street if you have to. And stop using this lame excuse.

      6 days ago
    • These douches that can't park need to be taught a lesson

      7 days ago
    • Hmmm. Tbh I hate it when people park so badly however they might have been forced to park this way initially, and then the other cars drove away.

      Although the car park is pretty empty.

      9 days ago
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    • They still don't understand that someone else might have parked wrong before this guy.

      Also please notice that recently in Poland court has found guy, who published information on wrong parking car online, guilty of character assasination, and ordered 6 months of jailtime + financial fine.

      9 days ago
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      • You are kidding? Pointing out that someone is failing in a fundamental area of driving can see you jailed?!
        8 days ago
      • Some one elts did it is an excuse. Its the other guys fault i got it worng. I failed my test because billys answeres were wong teacher can i get a passing graid it was his fault. Guy gotRead more
        6 days ago
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