A 1000 hp Toyota MR-2 takes to the dyno

If you have headphones in, you might want to watch your volume...

28w ago


The Toyota MR-2 is one of those cars that'll always have legendary status. The little affordable mid-engined sports car is rightly considered a classic for how much of an impact it's had in its lifespan. However, there's always been one issue that some people have had with the MR-2 and it's that, in stock form, they don't have a lot of power. One person, however, has managed to solve that in a major way...


This particular MR2 has a turbocharged 3S-GTE engine just like the JDM turbo versions of the MR-2 had stock. However, this engine is far from stock. When it was taken to the dyno (as seen in this video), it managed to make 1000 hp at the wheels, as well as probably deafening everyone who was there! If you have headphones on, you probably want to be really careful with the volume when you watch this because this car is LOUD.

The MR-2's easily tuneable nature means that there are plenty of awesome builds for these cars knocking around. This one has to be at least one of the coolest I've ever seen. To shove 1000 hp in such a light car takes balls of titanium and, judging by how fat those rear tyres are, it's probably an absolute monster at the drag strip. Whoever did this build, I salute you!

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Comments (3)

  • Awesome car, great article, I enjoyed it.

      6 months ago
  • To drive this car with such power, what about the stopping power? With those smaller wheels and thick tires, you cannot upgrade the brakes to the bigger ones and much surer calipers. Well, I assume that the 1,000hp run would be the short-range only 'cause without the reliable stopping power you cannot drive really fast. It will look odd but at least the front wheels and tires must be changed to the bigger diameter ones to clear the bigger rotors and the calipers. Find bigger rotors and calipers from the latter Toyota models from the wrecking yards which had the rear end damage. With the car tuned in such caliber, you gotta do the required things with the brakes as well. If new rotors and calipers are in need, then check the Willwood of thee USA They have the brakes for almost all applications. Their brakes are used for those record-breakers running on the salt flats at Bonneville.

      6 months ago