A $1,200 iced-out Timex…?!

What has the world come to?

When it comes to categorizing popular entry-level brands based on pricing, most people would put Seiko at the top, followed by Orient and Citizen, followed by Casio and Timex.

The vast majority of Timex and Casio watches cost less than £100 but they sell - I’m gonna use a technical term here - a s**tload of them, which gives both brands the financial stability and independence to try new things. And this is what Timex did: two iced-out timepieces that retails for $1,200 and $1,000.

The collection was created in partnership with Judith Leiber, a jewelry brand founded by the late Judith Leiber, a Hungarian-American designer, and it comprises two watches: ref. TW2U72600JR and ref. TW2U72700JR, measuring 38 mm and 35 mm respectively and priced at $1,200 and $1,000 (£870 and £730).

Both timepieces feature 900+ hand-applied Swarovski crystals and are made from stainless steel. And both are limited to 200 pieces.

My verdict: I don’t mind them… but spending anything over 150 dollars for a Timex feels unnatural.

What do you think?

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