A 200mph Ferrari Testarossa restomod is being prepared by a Swiss design house

W​ho wouldn't want that!

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The battle between the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari Testarossa was one of my favourite episodes in the Grand Tour series. If you watched May and Hammond quarrelling about it too, you’d be aware of the substandard interior quality in these cars, even though the Pininfarina-designed outer body looked drool-worthy. Now though, a Swiss firm looks to fix those shortcomings.

Officine Fioravanti, a Swiss design house, is on the verge of launching a modernised and heavily updated iteration of the Testarossa. A report by Autocar further states that improvements to the chassis, aerodynamics and even the powertrain are on the cards.

“We carefully listened to the car’s needs and desires,” Officine Fioravanti said. “We patiently took care of every single aspect. Few minor details have been changed in terms of style, without compromising a timeless design but enriching its pureness.” That essentially translates to the beautiful exterior remaining largely untouched.

While the design house will retain the 1980s supercar’s original 4.9-litre flat 12, some modifications will see a bump up to a top speed of 200mph against the original 180. Further mechanical additions comprise a new titanium exhaust system and ABS and traction control systems for enhanced stability.

Substantiating the stability aspect is the fitment of Brembo racing-spec brakes, Öhlins electronic dampers and adjustable anti-roll bars. This updated Ferrari also gets new alloy wheels covered with Brembo GT3 Class racing tires. When combined with the above mentioned mechanical upgrades, they make the Testarossa “more enjoyable, safe and precise” as per the firm.

Inside, you can expect a major overhaul with the cabin quality. Italian leather is said to get splashed all around. Ghastly plastics will get replaced by aluminium components. The updated supercar will now get a new audio system too, but would you really need it?

Currently, the restomod is undergoing its testing phase. No details on the purchasing or pricing factors have been unveiled, with the final output still under wraps. However, the design firm has claimed those wraps are set to come off “in due course”. I’m expecting late-2021, which could easily be pushed to 2022 courtesy of the ongoing pandemic.

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Comments (11)

  • I like the idea, it is a beautiful style. The only question I have is why in the world did they wrap it in what looks like factory reject childrens bedroom wallpaper? It is not like it's a factory prototype of a new body design that is being hidden from media and competetors. It's a 35 y.o. body design that everybody in the world who has television or car magazines has seen. They just made it look stupid.🤔

      2 months ago
  • I'd rather see a restomod 512 BB. The Testarossa was iconic, but never looked as good as the original "flying carpet." That's why Clapton opted for a Boxer-inspired 458 one-off instead of putting cheese slicers down the side.

      2 months ago
  • WOW

      2 months ago
  • Their instagram is well worth a follow too www.instagram.com/officinefioravanti/ Testarossa is a good candidate for a restomod as there is a good supply of them with well over 7,000 made. I'm very interested to see what the results are.

      2 months ago
  • I hope its a NA V8

      2 months ago