A 40-minute trip to the N City Seoul

Take me down to the N City, where everything is fabulously blue and the Hyundais are pretty...

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On July 22nd, 2021, I visited the N City Seoul - a city to promote Hyundai's N brand and the latest N models.

At outside, there were Avante (Elantra) N, Kona N, and Elantra N TCR.

Elantra N TCR

After taking a brief look at the Elantra N TCR, I entered the building at 11 AM. I only had 40 minutes to stay in the N City due to a rapidly worsened virus issue.

Upon entering the building, I was greeted with N man, i20 WRC, and i30 Fastback N (TCR).

i20 WRC

2020 season version of the i20 WRC was displayed.

i30 Fastback N (TCR)

i30 Fastback N that participated in Nürburgring 24h and won in SP3T class was displayed.

The attendees had a chance to drive Veloster N in Forza Motorsport 7 using sim-racing devices. Behind the two cars, there were N Performance parts on the wall.

Hyundai Veloster N Performance Car

Sorry for only having a single shot of this image, I was too hooked to the Avante (Elantra) N...

Sorry for only having a single shot of this image, I was too hooked to the Avante (Elantra) N...

Hyundai Avante (Elantra) N - Peaches Edition

Peaches, a street fashion brand, did a special vinyl work for the new Avante N.

N concept cars, Kona N, Avante (Elantra) N, Tuscon N Line, and Sonata N Line 'The Black' were displayed at the 2nd area of the N City.

Avante (Elantra) N

The new Avante (Elantra) N was being showcased as a DCT version.

Kona N

Tuscon N Line

Hyundai Sonata N Line 'The Black'

This Sonata N Line is made to celebrate its appearance in the movie 'Snake Eyes: G.I.Joe origins'.

Hyundai Fuel Cell Generator (Powered by HTWO)

This Fuel Cell Generator is based on the one used in Hyundai Nexos.

Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo

The N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo is designed to utilize 204 ps in-wheel motors and a 680 ps Fuel Cell Generator.

Hyundai RM20e Prototype

The RM20e is a prototype of Veloster N ETCR, a race car designed to participate in ETCR series.

Near the exit, there was a photo booth and a shop that sold N-related accessories and clothes. However, some of the items were not available for purchase.

At 11:40 AM, I left the city using a N-themed slide...

...and returned to my home with a water bottle and a small popcorn bag.

Despite only having 40 minutes to explore the city, I greatly enjoyed the experience. I saw how Hyundai is passionate about creating sports cars that people want to have, not just because of budget reasons. While the result of Hyundai's effort of making 'N' one of the most recognized car brands in the world is still uncertain, I can say that Hyundai is well-prepared for the future, even when the battery vehicles will start to rule the world.

The N City Seoul is located at 62, Seongsui-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, and will be open until August 3rd.

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