A 5-minute romantic rant on the LA Auto Show

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I started writing about cars because I liked cars but I absolutely loved writing and when I was much, much younger I used to write random monologues which I would refer to as "5-minute rants". The idea was that it would take the reader roughly around 5 minutes to read the whole thing. I didn't have an audience and/or readers back then so these notes ended up drowning in the recesses of old memory sticks and HDDs but since I'm here and since I have this space, I might as well write a 5-minute rant on something I truly care about: the LA Auto Show.

My first time at the LA Auto Show was a bit of a thermal and sentimental shock. The first thing I learnt is there are two different shows, there's the LA Auto Show and then there's Automobility LA, which takes places right before to the show and is specifically designed and tailored to accommodate the needs of media. By which I mean there's free booze and food.

It was a thermal shock because the LA Auto Show takes place in November/December and that means that while winter is in full swing in the Western Hemisphere, Los Angeles doesn't care about any that and still hits you with its 80° Fahrenheit and its warmth. This is gonna sound a bit dumb and naive if you live in the US but I don't, and if you're from Europe, it certainly feels odd when you find Christmas trees and decorations and yet you're wearing t-shirts and no jacket.

It was a sentimental shock because nothing I'd ever done, seen or driven in the car world has hit me in the same way that the LA Auto Show did. All of a sudden I found myself in a whirlwind of 'networking events' and before you roll your eyes I wish to state that the networking events at the show have nothing in common with the equivalent events at Geneva or Frankfurt or Paris. You go to the Geneva Motor Show and what you get is a cup of coffee and, if you're lucky, a sandwich. LA is different. Hyundai, for example, throws one of the most amazing afterparties every year. There's always a theme and the food is always phenomenal and the drinks are always fantastic. And then there's the Kickoff Party, that's literally what they call it, 'the Kickoff Party', also themed, last year it was the Seven Deadly Sins. In 2017 it was steampunk. The list goes on.

I'll just get straight to the point because I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "yes but what about the cars?" and that's the problem with modern shows. Car shows are dying because people are tired of looking at static cars in big warehouse-like venues and the LA Auto Show is changing that. It's dynamic, it's interesting, there's always something to do. Dog park at the Subaru stand, build your own Lego or shoot your own Bullitt Mustang movie at the Ford stand. The list goes on.

This year's edition is confirmed but, alas, it's going to look a lot different because the format has changed and I'm assuming the usual networking events aren't going to look the same.

And bad news on top of bad news, it's going to be an absolute nightmare for me to get there. But I'll give it a shot. I'll do what I can. Because I love Los Angeles and because I love the show. And because it's good 5-minute rant material, you know.

What's your favorite car show and why?

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  • Great rant! I cross my fingers with hope and look forward to your dispatches from the front lines of automotive journalism.😊

      26 days ago
  • Hope you make it okay. Ifn you recall, my great grand parents were from Vicenza and so we are short of a countryman, wave at me when you fly over Indianapolis. I promise I'll wave back

      25 days ago
    • I hope so. Depends on flight schedules, things don't look too good right now but I'm confident that more international routes and flights will be added in the coming months

        25 days ago
  • You want to see cool cars? Rodeo drive in the evening. Just be careful to pay attention to where you are going while your eyeballs bug out of your skull. You might get run over ... by a cop. 🚔

      26 days ago
  • No sleep tonight after witnessing those socks.

      26 days ago