A $500 Fiat 500

And what should I do with it?

7w ago

I got this 2012 Fiat 500 and I only paid $500 for it. Now I should mention that it needed a transmission, a front ball joint, and a rear tire pressure sensor. So I'm in it for a bit more now. $1143.12 to be exact after repairs, tax, title, windshield wipers and a tank of fuel. Still, I only paid the princely sum of $500 for the actual car with 113,000 miles on the odometer. And it runs!

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However, this is the bottom end of the line of 500's, the POP version. It has no air conditioning, no turbo, no factory Bluetooth. I cannot foresee myself driving it during the dog days of summer nor on long road trips. Yet, I feel the need to do something with this car. Something fun. Maybe a racing stripe in the colors of the Italian Flag down it to break up the dreary grey.

If I lived in a place that had a track nearby, I could envision taking it to that, just for the fun of it. Sadly, I live in Southeast Ohio. In the White Trash Triangle, as I call it, and there are no local race tracks suitable for a road car. And please don't tell me about Mid Ohio Raceway. It's just to far to go on a routine basis, for myself personally.

Back to the dilemma, what does one do with a $500 Fiat other than a simple commute to work? Do I add a spoiler to it or modify the body? Paint it something ridiculous, say to resemble a great white shark and 3D print a fin for the roof? I just don't know.

And this is where you, dear reader, come in. Post a comment about what you'd do with it if it were yours. Give me an idea.


As it turns out, it DOES have A/C. Those Italian stylists hid the switch in the fan knob. Clever.

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