A 777hp Audi TT RS? Really?

Hold tight! I​f you fancy nearly doubling the output of your TT RS for some true supercar baiting performance, allow Forge Motorsport help you out...

Elbows are rarely sexy. That’s just a fact. Except when they’re made from silicone and can noticeably increase the amount of power one can extract from the already mighty 2.5-litre, five cylinder, turbocharged engine in the TT RS (8s) and RS3 (8v). Then multi-layer silicone turbo elbows such as this latest one from Forge take on a whole new level of wit-woo appeal.


With a substantial 395bhp at its disposal from the factory, the TT RS can hardly be classified as slow, but when it comes time to increase the boost pressure and make it even more devastatingly rapid, there’s only really one place to turn first. Where? The power-crazed minds of Forge Motorsport, of course! Where reliable megalomania is doted upon daily.

The latest free flowing turbo inlet from Forge (part number - FMINLH9) eliminates the highly restrictive aluminium inlet pipe and replaces it with a smooth bore multi-ply silicone hose which increases air flow, improving efficiency and performance. With 60% more volume than the stock elbow and paired with Forge’s high flow inlet pipe FMINLH8, this equates to increases of up to 20bhp along with power and torque increases through the entire rev range - a remarkable gain for an easy to fit, bolt-on part. The true savagery of this engine is only fully exploited once a hybrid turbo finds it way into the engine bay, but at that point its arguably too fast for UK roads anyway.

This high flow turbo elbow and inlet pipe has been specifically designed for stage 1 tuning and around 600 bhp. The stock elbow and inlet pipe simply can’t flow enough air to the turbo inlet, resulting in power limitations as customers hunt for further power in the pursuit of supercars.

Don’t be fooled by over enthusiastic aftermarket air filter power claims, as the weakest link in the DAZA engines intake system is the intake pipe and turbo elbow, a high flow panel filter and the Forge intake configuration will give you all that is required.

The high flow inlet elbow has a special iron oxide lining to prevent fatigue even in the most extreme conditions, and thanks to its fluro-silicone construction it’s also safe around oil, fuel, coolant and other possible contaminants.

Forge have also taken into consideration the increasing popularity of hybrid turbo conversions for the incredibly capable DAZA Audi engines by offering three different turbo adaptors, a choice can be made between the adaptors in the drop-down menu on the website for stock, TTE625, TTE700 or the latest TTE777 coupler options.

Simple, bolt on tuning has never been so easy. Why restrict the arteries of your engine? Particularly when it has the heart of an athlete onboard - let it breathe in all of the power inducing air it can possibly get and free its lungs to propel you at the horizon tout suite. Wave goodbye to those over priced supercars and revel in the glory of that staccato five-piston rally soundtrack. www.forgemotorsport.co.uk

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