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A 911, driven the way it should be.

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Sometimes it’s about the story. The Porsche journey so to speak. Each Porsche owner has their own unique story. Stories that 911 owners are always happy to share. Stories that form a connection. A connection which makes porsche ownership something very special.

These unique stories form a common bond. A bond that can be seen and heard at one of the many club meets and Porsche events around the world.

For a few Porsche enthusiast this story goes that little bit further. The video below is a great Porsche story, finding the period correct 911 and having it reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design. What’s great about this story is that the Singer Porsche is driven. It’s driven hard and with enthusiasm. The way 911s were always designed.

A great Porsche story I wanted to share.

Singer at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Working with Williams Advanced Engineering and other technical partners Singer have just revealed (at Goodwood Festival of Speed) the ‘Dynamics and Lightweighting Study’(DLS) of a 911 Porsche 964 from 1990. Hans Mezger even consulted with them. Yes thats right, the legendary Porsche engine designer. The Singer DLS project is the most extreme version of its restored and modified Porsche 911 Type 964.

If you want to see more 911s reimagined visit Singer Vehicle Design below.

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