A beginner's guide to Ferrari.

Popping my Ferrari cherry in the motherland, Italy.

3y ago

So the saying goes, if you ask a child to draw a car, he or she will draw a red one. I guess in my case this fact was true. I will admit I have always had a long standing admiration of Ferrari. My father has for as long as I can remember worked with and for Italians, and had been to Maranello back in the 90s and told me stories of the glamour and opulence of the Italians in their prancing horses.

But let’s get back to reality here, Coventry wasn’t exactly supercar central. More knackered Mk5 Golfs and kevved up Fiesta STs. In turn I had had limited interaction with these cars - a run up the hill in a GTC4 Lusso at Goodwood and a basic bitch Sloan Square lap in a Cali T, until last weekend…

I was invited by Ferrari to Puglia to test drive their new Portofino model. I want to say I was cool about it, but it prompted dad to tell me he was proud of me - so I knew it was a pretty special opportunity. I was determined to make this the best episode of my ongoing series on Youtube “ A girls guide to”, convinced that they would suddenly realise I am an oik and wouldn’t be invited back. A flight later, and one swanky hotel transfer I was in the company of Enzo’s cronies.. and a few journos.

The Portofino is a 3.0 litre twin turbo v8 pushing out 600bhp. The beauty of this number is the Italian mindset in which this is ideal for their ‘everyday’ vehicle. 760Nm of torque, paired with one of the more exciting gearboxes I have experienced. Snapping through the gears with ease, punchy upshifts and a downshift note fit for any tunnel I could find. Start this baby up in an underground car park, and you know exactly what I mean when I say it sounds like lions waiting to be fed.

Ferrari are very proud of their advances with this car, weight saving being a big factor in its design. They saved 80kg on the Cali T, but went through every nut and bolt to get the overall effect. The styling of the body is sleek, the aero is integrated and their new Rosso Portofino paint colour sparkles in the sunshine.

I am no journalist, but believe me when I say this car has a personality. It wants to be driven, but is useable in a way that you aren’t worried you will send it to space on a school run. It looks good roof up and roof down, which is often a rare occurrence. As an entry model, I think it ticks the boxes and still keeps the Ferrari pizzazz .

Watch the video to see me grinning like a cheshire cat in the Italian sunshine.

Let me know what you guys think, would you buy one?

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Comments (7)

  • Great video! So glad to see a review on a Ferrari from a woman. You do such an amazing job explaining what makes this car great.

      3 years ago
  • Hi congratulations - your post has been selected by DriveTribe highlights Ambassador for promotion on the DriveTribe homepage.

      3 years ago
  • I enjoyed your video, thank you!

    Just a couple of things if I may; with the roof up it's not a coup, it's a coupé ;-) And given it's a GT, with the roof down it's a 'convertibile' as they call it in native Ferrariland, not a Spyder (or 'roadster' in old English).

      3 years ago
  • Italian thinking of how to travell should be the good way, but this car chassy look way to Americanish for my taste

      3 years ago
  • good video

      3 years ago