- A 1/18 Jaguar XK Coupé by Welly.

A big cat with a beautiful purr: Jaguar XK Coupé

Not only the purr of the XK Coupé is beautiful, so are the looks.

We can thank car designer Ian Callum for the X150, who with a few exceptions mostly created good looking cars. But with the XK Coupé he surpassed himself, the X150 had enough similarities with its successor to be accepted as such, but still looked very new.

A picture of the XK Coupé made in fall in which you can see the color better.

A picture of the XK Coupé made in fall in which you can see the color better.

Especially from the front you can see the similarities of the XK Coupé to the E-Type, and yet the XK looks very modern, and especially did when it was new 15 years ago.

Looking the Jaaag in the eyes.

Looking the Jaaag in the eyes.

From the side the XK Coupé doesn't look as similar to the E-Type as from the front, but that certainly doesn't have a bad influence on the side profile.

The rear is the only part of the XK Coupé I'm slightly sceptic about, and the Welly model has slightly odd looking rear lights that don't make it look better. But it still isn't exactly ugly, and the chrome stripe looks very elegant, it's well noticeable yet blending in.

The hood opens in an unusual way for new cars, it's being unfolded to the front. This not only is another detail that reminds of the E-Type, it's also assuring the driver that his hood won't fly open during a journey, which is a welcome safety guarantee on a British car. You can't see much of the V8, but the whole engine compartment is nicely detailed.

So is the interior, and in this tasteful light tan color it doesn't only look incredible from the inside, it also fits very well to the British Racing Green if you look at the car from outside.

The inside of the trunk is also colored tan, but it's a different hue of tan, and the material is also different to that used for the cabin of the Jaguar. This gives the XK Coupé a further realistic touch and also is a sign of the high quality the Welly model has.

This quality is also visible from the outside. The model looks realistic from any angle, only the rear lights could have done with a bit more perfection.

Otherwise Welly perfectly conveyed the XK Coupé into 1/18 scale. The size of the gap openings is somewhere in the middle between Maisto and Paragon models, which is also the region in which the model is priced.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it.

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