- Marshall and Recovery Staff recover a side car at Castle Combe.

A Big Thank You To Everyone Getting Motorsport Going Again

Finally we have got back to racing, not how we would have liked but at least we can watch it on the box.

This year has gotten off to a horrible start and there doesn't seem much positives to take out of it lately, however, we at least have racing back on the TV, even though we can't all get to see it live its better than nothing.

So many events have been cancelled which some of you may have been looking to go to or having already bought tickets. Whilst we can't all be at the trackside or grandstands we can at least watch it on the screen . This wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for all the backroom staff work hard at the circuits to make it possible. From the scrutineers to the security staff, catering staff.

Marshalls and medical staff attend a crash at Silverstone.

Marshalls and medical staff attend a crash at Silverstone.

Lastly i would like to say a big thank you to the marshal's who are still volunteering their spare time to allow these events to happen. Yes they may have the best seat on the track in the sun without being in the driving seat, however they do a dangerous role and are stood out in all weathers for long hours. Racing would not be possible without them its that simple. So i doff my lens to you the men and woman in orange overalls.

If you are interested in being a marshal why not have a look at the British Motorsport Marshals Club to find out more. Almost anyone can be a marshal, you don't need particular skills or qualifications but you will learn skills and be part of a well regarded team that is respected worldwide.

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