A Bit of a Hot Take,

Now before anyone waves the red flag at me, bear with me on this, but I'm starting to get the impression that sprint race series like DTM of mostly GT3 Cars other than the top class like PWC or BlancPain where Pro Class Drivers are, are certainly strange. I notice every major country has their own GT3 Series and all but with the shift in cost control, and the transition with DTM to... Not so DTM and more so GT3 redundancy with VLN.

Basically what I mean by that is, was it really worth it to make another GT3 series? And its not like you're seeing names like Maro Engel, Kevin Estre, Earl Bamber, etc etc.(But names like Vanthoor do pop up which is nice)

I admit that amateur class racing has their own appeal but at that point ill just go watch the Lamborghini Super Trofeo or Porsche Cup Races or Formula Renault or Formula 3 for that sort of ordeal.. ya know what I mean? Its my choice in the end its merely a sticking thought in my mind and by no means is my opinion the word of gospel. But I'm not sure, what do people think? How do they view amateur class GT3 series? Or amateur class racing in general? Do ya like it? Or just prefer watching the big scary professionals go at it at series like IMSA or WEC?

(If anyone ever reads this that is..)

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