13w ago

A bit of a mid day mumble,
Now this is more of my kind of rant but not exactly there, Now while I am happy working for a japanese car manufacturer as I wanted, but I'm not gonna lie, I question what I wanted to truly do for my life, As much as my wish was picking up after a childhood scrap dream of racing for teams like ARTA or Manthey or name some brilliant team that is successful in GT Racing.. And yeah I'm not rich haha. So what say me, I really treasure a casual worklife more and more and realise I shouldn't expect much given where the world is headed in the market. Shall I take it with a pinch of salt? Perhaps. But I still love motoring and motorsports to hell and back. What to do next I'd say.. If anyone seriously reads this all the way through, dang.. you're pretty good.. (I'm not sorry for that reference)

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