12w ago

A bit on the Aloha experience for a motorist.

I've yet to actually go to Hawaii before this trip, a bit on the "wait what you haven't? WHERE'VE YOU BEEN THEN?" sort of thing. But I find myself quite pleased here. I saw quite alot of the normal thing with commuters and EVs but not a single supercar in sight. Now why am I pleased? Because I wouldn't feel like a peasant among the riches of half a million dollars just driving past me. That said, I did see quite alot of Teslas, WAYY more than I imagined. Now knowing that this state has no factory to manufacture cars and they're all shipped and whatnot, I wonder what car enthusiasts choose to bring to this bright and sunny island for their satisfaction? Does make me wonder, cause I don't know anyone from here. Anyways.. to enjoy my days of being in Waikiki it is. Have a nice day to others who read this.

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