A bitter sweet evening

Let's set the scene its Saturday 17th March 2018, Not only is it St Patrick's Day but its the final game of the RBS rugby 6 nations with Wales standing every chance of finishing second behind Ireland it's also been trying to snow since about 2pm. The writing was well and truly on the wall as tonight had the potential of being carnage mixed with precarious weather conditions. The night completely delivered I covered a record Saturday night mileage for relatively local runs between Machynlleth and Aberaeron. I faced continuous snowy conditions and often had to battle Ice, Slush and Snow.

It's fair to say I was wired, I needed to be alert and have my wits about me at all times keeping my occupants, Myself and my vehicle safe whilst completing the jobs I had booked in and often turning town some very good customers that were standing outside in some pretty poor weather conditions struggling to find a way home. It's fair to say it was a challenging evening, Something that a lot of customers sadly don't understand.

Having said that I cannot thank my customers for there support last night, Business has been pretty hard compared to recent years for a mixture of reason's but I lived up to my promises and got all my bookings home safe and sound. Unfortunately one of my colleges didn't fair so well and had a bad accident in the tricky weather conditions, I know nothing as fact but wish him well and hope he's ok. This underlines the challenges we face with challenging weather conditions we face and hopefully helps you understand that sometimes despite our best efforts we might be a little later than planned.

Sadly my night wasn't without it's issues.... (This may end up as a rant)

Last night I found myself in a situation that's not common to me at all but is definitely on the increase... A customer tried to assault me!

I am fortunate to have an amazing bunch of customers but every so often someone has to ruin it for me. I strive on customer satisfaction (See my Facebook reviews) I offer a reliable and friendly service at a good price. You always know where you stand with me and in all honesty that's not always easy to find. I do my little giveaways and occasionally help out with the odd bit of sponsorship (Despite knowing i'm getting very little back) But I do not appreciate customers arguing with me when they are asking for the impossible. When i take a booking I work by time slots if you don't tell me the full picture then I can't deliver the service that you really want, I refuse to be badgered and guilt tripped!! It's my Taxi and i'm the only one that's offering anybody a trip of any kind so please don't blame me and get aggressive if you can't book the taxi correctly .

So last night I find myself in a situation where I have got a customer arguing with me over a previous disagreement about trying to add an additional destination on to a trip when he had already been advised it was impossible at the start of the trip and having an occupant too many that then got violent as I requested someone left the vehicle. The whole situation was heated and intense and boiled down to a lack of respect towards me and my business.

I can carry 4 passengers end of... I don't care if you are the Queen with 4 security guards book a bigger taxi as we are going nowhere overloaded!

I refuse to be threatened by anyone, I'm not a kn****ad grumpy taxi driver and I deserve some respect!! As Taxi drivers in Aberystwyth we are finding that violent encounters are on the rise and I need to make this point clear yes we need your taxi fares to pay our wages but NO we do not need to be treated like crap because of your life issues were not resolved by drink or drugs!! If I feel you are aggressive its simple you will be refused entry as it's not your god given right to try and walk over me for doing my job.

I am sorry for the rant but I needed to get this off my chest!

(For those that ask I won't be divulging who the aggressive turbo charged idiot is)

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  • Hi congratulations - your post has been selected by DriveTribe lol Ambassador for promotion on the DriveTribe homepage.

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  • Hope you're okay dude, totally not okay to be disrespectful towards you or any taxi drivers. People should trust others how they'd like to be treated.

    1 year ago
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