A BMW M4 shooting brake might just help you look past the grille

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8w ago

Just when we thought the end of 2020 couldn't get any worse, BMW announced its new M4 and M3 models with more power and a revised grille which has been very controversial to say the least.

Some people have grown to like it, but others still can't bear to look at it. However, it looks like your problem may have been solved...sort of.

The designer who goes by the name of sugar_design1 on Instagram has created a BMW M4 shooting brake render to try and help us look past the massive grille, and it sort of works.

There have been talks that BMW will make an M3 touring, so there's no reason why we couldn't see an M4 shooting brake further down the line.

The designer states in his post, "I really like the new M4, so how about this shooting brake version? According to him, it's called the "BMW M4 Gran Touring Xperformance edition" and says: "If you can't afford the [Ferrari] GTC4Lusso, but this one, try it!"

You can see a few elements from the GTC4Lusso and that is no bad thing as it's one of the prettiest looking cars from Ferrari at the moment.

It would be nice to think BMW would one day consider making something like this, but it doesn't look like its on the cards any time soon.

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