A brand new retro-inspired Lotus sports car is coming

It will be inspired by the 1969 Lotus Type 62 and will be built by Jenson Button and his team.

5w ago

Famous British coachbuilder, Radford is taking on a new challenge by building a retro-inspired Lotus sports car.

The car which is being built by Jenson Button and his team claims to 'drive like nothing else' and is based on the iconic 1969 Lotus Type 62. Helping Jenson Button with this project is car designer Mark Stubbs and TV Presenter (seen on Wheeler Dealers) Ant Anstead.

Radford says this vintage-looking car will be based on Lotus technology, in that it will be extremely lightweight and quick.

Only two examples of the original Lotus Type 62 were ever made and Radford aims to build 62 examples of its modern successor. Technical details haven't yet been revealed, but the original race car was powered by a 2.0L engine which produced 240 hp.

We can't wait to see what Radford has in store for us as it will be good. Afterall, they are the ones responsible for making the custom Minis all members of The Beatles bought.

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Comments (2)

  • Fantastic, needs to be a reasonable price!

      1 month ago
  • I am so excited, so many cool people working on such a cool project for one of my favourite brands

      1 month ago