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Performance is in the blood !

After many years of working on personal cars and projects Matt Wilson (TP Tuning Director) started off his retail tuning career by starting Lake House Tuning with a couple of close friends from his small garage in 2011. He worked on many Euro Cars and then progressing to specialise in Mercedes. Working with DTUK he created software for the new W176 Diesels while owning a A200cdi to demo and use as a test bed and then went on to create a 324bhp/788nm C350cdi demo car for LHT again using it to test products.

Shortly after that Matt helped grow Rebellion Automotive from its early days, introducing Plug and play tuning not yet offered by Rebellion along with heading up product development for the 45AMG as the Business Development Manager and then the Sales Director before leaving in April 2016 to continue product development. Many of the products developed by Matt are still produced and available exclusively through Matt and Tricolore Performance, many have gone through revisions to keep them up to date.

Matt has always tuned cars for the love of performance, business is just a byproduct. This still rings true today with all products having money back guarantee, extensive warranties and full after sales support.

Our Tuning packages have been years in the making, working closely with many tuning partners we have been able to create robust and reliable packages that have no impact on the vehicles ability to be used as a daily driver.

(2013) We first got a look at the A45 AMG late in 2013, evaluating how the car ran we quickly put together a plug and play tuning system on a test car in Germany and then our test car in the UK. This connected to the Boost and Map sensor to re-profile the boost curves while maintaining boost at 1.8 Bar. A few months later we revised the tune to increase boost and take power to 405 bhp.

(2013) We didn't know it at the time but the turbos were not failing at the 405bhp level due to tuning but instead due to manufacturing faults. Never the less we worked with MTB and TTE to bring a stronger package to the market in the form of the original stage 2 (440bhp 590nm) utilising the Hybrid turbo and MTB stage 2 Plug and Play controlling boost and fuelling. The first TTE hybrid turbo was fitted on a UK car by Matt Early in 2014.

(2014) Version 2 of the plug and play tune came into existence with the added benefit of taking additional information from the Cam Shaft sensor and throttle position sensor. With these added signals power was boosted to 420 bhp. This also featured the first version of adjustment for different fuel types.

(2014) Starting with the intake system we identified the need for more airflow into the engine and along with all other components we have developed it is capable of over 550bhp without issue. Working with the team at Wortec we designed and fabricated an intake from stainless steel allowing the stock 2.5 inch inlet to be replaced. For the filter we originally used RamAir who manufactured the first filters then switching to Pipercross and K&N at a later date. Intakes are a great modification, boosting power by as much as 20bhp when coupled with a tune.

(2014) The next restriction we looked at was the Downpipe, again working with Wortec we built a new De-Cat unit from 4 inch 316 Stainless, originally visualised with CAD then followed by a hand made prototype model which was fitted to our in house test car. This allowed for extremely high levels of flow and had no restriction for the current levels of tune, It also brought with it a great increase in noise. Although gains on a stock turbo are limited it allowed for future proofing the ultimate goal of 600bhp + . Later on in its life it was reduced to 3.5 Inch Diameter to offer a more competitively priced product and still allow for 500bhp+ applications. We went on to extensively test the downpipe at vmax events showing that keeping Exhaust Gas Temperatures down resulted in performance gains, especially when extended periods of wide open throttle are used.

(2014) The End of 2014 saw Remapping becoming a reality with ECU access being available. This now allowed for speed limiter removal, Torque limiter increases and CEL removal for De-Cat applications. This allowed for 3 clear cut packages to be developed, Stage 1(420bhp), Stage 2(440BHP) and Stage 3(460BHP).This also allowed for higher levels of torque to be achieved which was fundamental in the testing process to understand the safe limits for the gearbox.

(2015) This year saw Matt build 3 additional Stage 3 cars in the uk, 2 were used for high mile road testing (excess of 40k miles on one car) at 460BHP and 640nm changing between 99 Ron and occasional 95 Ron fill ups to monitor how spark plugs dealt with the extra power, this package runs at 34psi so it was critical that cars we safe against detonation even in bad fuel applications. After testing the service routine was modified resulting in 15k Mile spark plug changes, 97 Ron Min fuel and front mount charge cooler radiators recommended.

(2015) Late 2015 saw Matt working closely on a new “big turbo” application for the M133 with EPD Motorsports in New Taipei City providing them software to power the new turbo package Extensive knowledge of the workings of the M133 and Complex Data logging to ensure it ran safely. After numerous months of testing and 4 different turbos being built we finally came to a workable solution. All previous turbos had either not provided enough performance or too much while introducing too much lag. The final choice was a Garrett GTX core in the Stock housing. This allows for a plug and play application with only 3 turbo lines needing to be changed. Our Turbo Choice has he benefit of being a Ball Bearing turbo so even without a BOV at high boost levels it remains reliable. The compressor wheel was chosen as it allowed unit to spool quickly resulting in over 600nm available at 3800rpm and maintaining power till redline really enhancing the experience of the vehicle.

(2016) Early in 2016 saw Matt parting ways with Rebellion and focusing on future development. Working closely with DTUK to provide a better solution for map switching and to introduce a fixed power supply to stabilise the load and increase response of the system. As a result the Version 3 Plug and Play Tune was released. Now with Stage 1, 1.5 and 2 preloaded and adjustment for various fuel types it really was a solution allowing customers to upgrade when it was best for them without needing to revise their tune. power remained at 420bhp and 570nm but the curve was smoothed to allow for more consistent launching, especially in bad weather and low grip applications.

(2016) The Big turbo (Stage 4) was ready to be manufactured to keep the units identical. Roll on some serious testing from June 2016. In our development process we have stress tested the stock engine to over 3bar (44psi) for extended periods to see if there were any failure points, we had anticipated cooling being an issue so we implemented our Water Injection system that we out together in 2015 with Devils Own. This allowed us to cool the charged air and increase RON levels for regions with bad fuel. The next stage we carried out high mileage testing of the drivetrain at over 640nm (over 40k Miles on one vehicle using a TTE450+ Turbo charger) to ensure that there is no impact on usability with the system. All functions including race start (inline with the standard usage instructions) can be used without the worry of damaging the vehicle. With our stage 4 tune we smooth out the torque curve to allow as little impact on the the drivetrain as necessary.


The Testing extended to 3 Cars (2 x CLA45 and 1 x GLA45). With the final power level selected we consistently achieved 7.3-7.6s 100-200kph times depending on vehicle specification and weight. With the current hardware Peak power levels are able to achieve figures in excess of 600BHP and 700nm on the dyno but additional development is needed to keep it stable and reliable.

In conclusion the package allows for great performance gains while maintaining usability that 45 AMG owners have come to love.
The ultimate goal is over 600 BHP and 700nm as a daily drivable car but that will take significant upgrades to the drive train and fuelling… development continues.

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