A British "Legend" Spotted!

2y ago

What do you get when you wrap a Japanese car in British catastrophe? Well, you get the Sterling 827! Based on the Honda Legend, this was the only car made under the Honda/Austin-Rover partnership. This one here is the liftback version, which looks absolutely gorgeous. The car was not actually bad. The Japanese guts and underbelly meant the car was relatively reliable in terms of basic mechanics. That is until Austin Rover decided to mess it up a bit by using shoddy electronics. Sold as the Sterling 827 in the United States in order to bypass Austin Rover's bad reputation in the US, the car was actually quite popular in the beginning. Due to Austin Rover's complete mismanagement on where the car is headed, Honda cut the partnership, leaving this car quite a collectible cult classic. In fact, I cannot tell you how much I freaked out when I noticed a running Sterling 827. The driver also seemed pleased at my reaction.

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  • Wow really cool. My brothers friend has the other Rover/Honda collaboration car the Rover 213 based on the Honda Ballard

      2 years ago