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A​ Bugatti SUV would make sense

B​ugatti’s boss has confirmed that there will be a Bugatti SUV coming soon

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L​ike most upcoming cars, not much has been revealed about the Bugatti SUV. All that’s been said is that it will be the most expensive in its sector.

N​ow this is good news because Bugatti could have gone about two ways when coming up with their SUV. They either could have made the car a rival for the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and priced it at around £180,000 or they could’ve gone absolutely bonkers and made it sit in its own class. Now judging by what Bugatti have said, it seems they have gone with the second option.

T​his may seem terrible because it will be overpriced and unattainable but this is a good thing. Hear me out.

A​nother illustration of what the SUV could look like

A​nother illustration of what the SUV could look like

N​ow, the Bugatti SUV is highly likely to have the standard 8.0L quad-turbocharged W16. This means it will be fast... 1500hp fast. Like other Bugattis, this will most likely be a numbered car. Bugatti haven’t yet confirmed how many SUVs they will make but I think it’ll be similar to the amount of Chirons released (500).

F​inally... 🙄 - Why would an SUV from Bugatti make sense?

W​ell, as soon as this car is launched, it will be on the front of every newspaper in every city of every country.


T​hat right there doesn’t really seem like a good or a bad headline but I know one thing: everyone’s going to read it and everyone will be talking about Bugatti. The release of the Bugatti SUV will be similar to the release of Apple’s £700 wheels for their Mac.

A​pple’s £700 wheels

A​pple’s £700 wheels

T​his may sound random at first but trust me, it all links together. Apple recently released a set £700 wheels which may seem stupid but it isn’t. See, Apple released this product for two reasons. One, Apple wanted to maintain its image as a premium, luxury brand. Two, Apple wanted to remind people of who they are. Apple is the brand that will do things that others won’t. These are the reasons as to why Apple is so popular. Similarly, Bugatti releasing a unique SUV would have the same effect.

A​nd yes, I have just managed to link some wheels for a computer to a multimillion pound performance SUV.

I​mage credit: Autocar

I​mage credit: Autocar

B​ugatti releasing an SUV would remind people that they are one of the craziest and most popular brands in the automotive industry and if people are reminded, they‘ll start talking again and if people start talking again, what do you know? More fans of Bugatti. It just makes sense.

T​hank you for reading my rant...the end, for now.

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