A Bull no car would challenge - The Lamborghini Aventador DMC Edizione GT

Did the Aventador not look mean enough? You decide

2y ago

Some say, you shouldn't try and re-make an already perfect recipe. Some how German car tuners DMC didn't quite get this message, but i'm not entirely sure that's necessarily a bad thing.

DMC have actually made other Aventador body kits before, however the Edizione GT kit is on a new level of cool.

The Edizione GT kit consists of pretty much new everything. A custom front bumper, side skirts, a huge new rear diffuser and spoiler all make this kit ridiculously desirable, if you can afford that kind of thing.

If this is something you are considering for Christmas, then you'll be pleased to know that you will also get a couple of new alloy wheel choices and also some interior refinement options.

This car in particular was spotted in Monaco.

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