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A bunch of quizzes

Welcome to the new entries, here recap post with all the quizzes I made until now.

With my great surprise this tribe is growth a bit in the last months, so first of all thanks for joining! Then, If you joined this tribe only recently you may have miss some stuff, I know it's pretty annoying have to scroll down for find the older posts, especially the quizzes, lost between photo edits and meme, so here it is a recap of the quizzes posted until now.

Personality quiz!

If you fancy to find out which one of the holy trinity of motoring journalism suits better your personality, give a try to this quiz.

Top Gear Quizzes

Then if you want have fun and test your knowledge about Top Gear, I suggest you to start playing The cool wall quiz, would you guess which car is sub zero or seriously uncool in base of the crazy criteria of one of the Top Gear’s best segment!

For all Top Gear lovers there's then the “Guess the Top Gear special from a quote” quiz, have a laugh with the most hilarious quotes from a special and try to beat the score of a very special player of this quiz, Mr. Jeremy Clarkson, who surprisingly achieved a 67%!

If like me you love quotes, there's more with another quiz, starring some of the bests Top Gear quotes, can you guess who said what?

The Grand Tour

Of course there is lot of fun about the Grand Tour as well, you can test your knowledge with “The greatest Grand Tour quiz” 30 riveting questions about the show!

Or...can you match the quote to the car which it is referred to?

Clarkson, Hammond and May

Clarkson, Hammond and May are basically legends, you can test your knowledge about these three with the Ultimate Clarkson Hammond and May quiz, and try to achieve the glory with a 100% score!

Or can you guess who said what?

On the same notes, let's find out if you can guess which cars have been or still are owned by the trio.

What's your favorite of the trio? How much do you know about your favorite presenter? Test it with one of the quizzes below!

Are you a expert about Clarkson?

Have you watched all Richard Hammond's show?

And what about Captain slow?

Soon a post for celebrate the best and worst players, (yes worst cause is something to be proud as well) would be up.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading, and for playing!

Don't forget to share your results!

Any suggestions is very welcome, my purpose is to entertain you all, help me to do a better work!

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