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A bunch of reasons you should buy solar SION. Try to disagree

45w ago


So, I went on the Internet and I found this

SION inside. Photo by H. J. Weber

SION five-seater by the Sono Motors: Infinite mobility

The Sono Motors is a young German start-up which brought to world the user-friendly solar-powered car. They named it the SION. Five seats, rear wheel drive, rectangular design, 109 horsepower, one gear, electric propulsion. Available already in 2019.

The SION's battery allows for problemless ride for 250 kilometres. It can be charged afterwards from the electric grid (80% in 40 minutes) or from its own solar cells. On the solar cells only, the SION can offer you 30 kilometres per day for city cruising.

The SION is a simple high-tech solution for the new generation of people. Those who like simplicity, functionality, efficiency, environment. And are ready to make the statement. Like you.

Now, reasons you should buy the SION

It's affordable. The price starts from €16K (with no battery). Afterwards, you will save money on fuel, spares and maintenance. All this will either come for free or will require your repairing enthusiasm (which is also free).

It's light. The SION's body is made up of rust-proof polycarbonate, glass-fibre and carbon-fibre. Like a supercar. It also is scratch-resistant.

Its punchy. 109 electric horses with immediate response are fun for the city. You'll be faster than the majority of internal combusters in a 0-60 km/h drag race.

It's innovative. The viSono. You can cover 30 kilometres daily taking energy from the Sun. As the roof is transparent, the cabin is full of light and life.

It's healthy. The breSono. A special moss grows in the SION's dashboard. It keeps the cabin air clean and humid. Best for your lungs.

It's DIY. The reSono. You don't need professional servicing as the SION's spares can be 3D-printed, the drivetrain elements are few, their construction is simple and the manufacturer provides many how-to-fix tutorials. Btw, the warranty is for 100K kilometres.

It's community. As you will be one of the world's unique SION owners, your technical solutions and experience will be often asked for.

It's multi-purpose. The biSono. You can use your SION's solar cells to feed the electric barbecue grill. Or electrify the barbed wire.

It's safe. The Sono chaps will “submit” the SION for crash-tests later this year and aim for the 4 NCAP stars (at least).

It's your personal contribution to the world of tomorrow. A sign of respect for the Sono chaps. They did a great job popping up with the solar-powered idea. Afterwards, they did a great job crowd-funding their idea. They are like you. They work for you. They make this world better for you. Any helping hand?

It's cool. You'll be unique. Sun as the fuel. Moss as the cabin filter. No emissions. Rectangular design. Spacious boot. LED lights everywhere. Infinite drive.

Specially for James May. It's environmentally friendly. It carries nature in it and saves flowers outside. It's by all means better than the Fiat Panda.

Wanna know more about the solar power? Read this:


Now, what are your arguments for NOT buying the SION?

I bet you have none.