A busy street - BeamNG.Drive

9w ago

#beamngdrive #gaming #thegamingtribe / Mods used: Cliff Roads by "Rewzu" / FCV Italian taxi by "_Diamond_Coal_" / Cherrier Èmoussé by "Car_Killer" / European License Plates Compilation by "JorgePinto" / RHD Autobello Piccolina by "HadACoolCar" / Bhorton Skin Pack by "Bhorton" / Gavril H-Series Extended Roof by "HadACoolCar" / Driving School Vivace by "Inn0centJok3r" / Wentward DT40L First Bus Skin by "BMG_PLR54"

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Comments (3)

  • You must have a really good computer lol

      2 months ago
    • It kinda struggles with this amount of cars tbh. FPS drops way down but photo mode works ok because it pauses the game lol.

        2 months ago
    • Oh okay

        2 months ago