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A call for a Boycott on SIM DREAM Development

Illegal mods, steer clear of SIM DREAM

Sim Dream are again accused of stealing and/or ripping models from other sources, and for good reasons. These mods are more often stolen than not stolen, low-quality, and often ripped completely from other games and content creators without permission.

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Don't buy mods from Sim Dream Development. Support the true modders who truly build game content you use. SIM Dream is stealing mod content and selling as their own and this makes them SCUM.

Race Department Writes; "But what is an illegal mod and why should you care? Quite simply if a mod contains any parts from another source without permission from the original creator it would be classed as illegal. Likewise, if you try to sell a mod containing licensed content such as brand names, logos, series etc, that too would be classed as illegal. Now imagine both of those things at the same time, that’s super illegal. If this type of activity continues we can all kiss goodbye to the future of mod-able titles, we’ve all seen developers moving away from modded content and one can only assume it’s for this reason."

SIM Race 247 Writes: "SHR modding has provided hard raw evidence that now can be seen with file duplication and proof of this scam going on. Many in the sim racing community are showing support but sadly we could not provide the raw DATA FILE that Sim Dream is copying content from other creators. This is the ONLY way to show it is really happening by hard raw evidence with actual content backing it up.".

Join the boycott against SIM DREAM Development and support the mod builders who build mods for free for you to use. Don't let SCUM fake developers steal them and claim falsely it is thiers for profit.

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  • who is running that site, stealing other people work and claim its theres,this b.s, these bastard should stand up and show your face,instead of hiding behind lawyers, because you are cowards,they act like a certain piece of crap,that we threw out of the white house

      6 months ago