A car for poor people ?

44w ago


Looking for a cheap car ? Reliable with low fuel consumption ? Affordable and not to forget spacious? Then go no further from Dacia .

Oh wait wait, I know that a lot of you think that Dacia is a shitty brand, but let's be honest and not try to hide facts. Since Dacia had been bought by Renault ,things were looking up especially when the Logan came out with its spacious, useful and well-built cabine that aspires comfort and well being. The logan was a lucky charm for Dacia as it took the trone of car's market overriding the leaders such as Renault and Ford in european countries.

Well, if I'm not wrong I think you are asking yourself this question: how did Dacia do this ? How she could outrank well-known car brands ?

To give answers to this confusing question , let's talk first about the beginning of Dacia .

Dacia is a romanian car brand launched in 1966 and bought by Renault in 1999. It has a turnover of 4,6 Md€ as it is shown by the statistics of 2016. It belongs now to Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. One of it most striking model is the Duster because of her wide range qualities that made her the first affordable SUV ever made.

Let's move up now to the serious part, the cherry of the cake , the smart strategy of Dacia.

The thing that make Dacia different from other companies is her vision as it always focus on middle class people by making cars that have big boat space sufficient for family trips and a reliable engine with low entry price that turns around 7000€. The thing that make the sales rate blasts.

Yeah a lot of people say that dacia makes ugly and stupid cars. But for me I see that if you are looking for a cheap you will probably give a big importance to the car reliabilty rather than seeing her design .

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